The next enrollment start date for Practical Nursing and LPN-To-RN Nursing Bridge programs is April 29, Summer 2024.

No Waiting List to Apply

With no waitlist and four start dates annually, AMI's Practical nURSING and LPN-To-RN Nursing Bridge is a 12-Months program.

Hybrid Program Options

Our accelerated program allows you to complete your studies 12 Months in a hybrid learning environment

Clinical/Lab Experience

You will have clinical and Lab experiences beginning in the first Semester.Your lab/simulations and clinical experiences will occur in the Columbus MetrLo area

Personalized Support

From your first call with admissions,until after you've earned your degree,we are your partner in helping you achieve your goals.


Our nursing program is available in an accelerated, blended/hybrid format.


AMI is accredited by the ABHES.


We offer flexible class schedules including evening,daytime, and online options

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Why Choose Academia Medical Institute?

At Academia Medical Institute, you can complete your education in less time. Learn from seasoned professionals and enjoy the benefits of our smaller class sizes and numerous clinical facilities. Regardless of your previous college experience or professional background, our healthcare nursing programs can lead to a rewarding career in your chosen field.

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State Approved & Accredited by ABHES

AMI is both approved and accredited on a state and national level by ABHES, OBN and OBCCS

Small Class Size

The small class size ensured students got personalized one-to-one attention from the faculty.

School Sponsored Grants

Our LPN and RN students are now eligible for a new school-sponsored grant.

Accreditation, State Authorizations & Approvals


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